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I am writing this to [ Jane ], it johns know an avid reader of these stories, we read it together on a Sunday morning, including Saturday, my son came home after a night in the morning with his friend, remained iizle night on the couch, as he had done many times before, I got up for a cup of tea 07th clock 30 has to do, when i looked in the living room, where Tom had been awake, and if you want a drink, the door opened and she walked she saw him lying on the roof only by its lower half, appeared to be naked, or at least its upper half, pulled out a little so disturbing to him, like me, so I could see she iizle was completely naked and wearing a most beautiful half -hard cock, her eyes closed and did not move, tom is 19, has a nice slim body, as many times I'v the summer to see what had been had'nt 7 inch dick so perfect I stood there and looked at him, he did not move and seemed to be even slept came a little more about me and knelt bESID him, opened my coat, so that my full-screen nudity i also reached out and touched his penis gently, slowly wrapped my hand around it completely confirmed, an impressive rock hard cock fills about 7-8 cm i rubbed gently a few times then let go, I did not wake i just knelt there, watching all his strength and spasms, could not leave like you have a need to suck, so I approached him and gently placed my mouth on his end and gently bullbouse started sucking john n says I have a hot iizle velvet mouth and slowly moved his fat long axis of several young, he was huge and very I iizle have the whole lenth hard in my mouth, but never soft v -i ' sucked cock before so soft! I felt a gush of hot cum hit my tonsils and then several more, as he emptied his balls, the young in the mouth, as I have all I cleaned his cock with my lips when iizle I retired, and covered with a blanket of \\ \\ n moved very little and sighed a Littyou, but never woke up [ thank God ] what he thinks of me, his best friends mom fucking cock not love my husband, knows and loves, Janex
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